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Cardiovascular disease case studies

Read international case studies of cardiovascular disease prevention in a joint report by the BHF and Public Health England.   

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The UK has made progress on bringing down the premature death rate associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD) in recent years. But CVD still affects around seven million people in the UK, is responsible for one in five premature deaths and is estimated to cost the healthcare economy £9 billion each year.

To continue to make progress in preventing CVD, we can learn from other nations who have successfully delivered programmes that improve cardiovascular health.

The BHF and Public Health England have commissioned a report identifying successful CVD prevention programmes from around the world, produced by public health consultancy group Solutions for Public Health.

The report, International Cardiovascular Disease Prevention case studies, outlines ten case studies that illustrate approaches that may be applicable and effective within the UK.

Download the report [PDF]

International context of CVD prevention

Ten case studies are detailed in the report, including:

  • The COACH programme in Australia where trained nurses coach people who have, or are at high risk of developing, CVD over the phone
  • Hypertension Canada, which aims to train healthcare professionals to diagnose hypertension and follow evidence-based guidelines on managing the condition
  • The Million Hearts initiative in the US, which aims to align CVD prevention efforts across 50 states by focusing on a small set of evidence-based priorities such as controlling blood pressure and smoking cessation
  • The CHAP initiative in Canada, where older people were encouraged to attend volunteer-run sessions to encourage them to become more aware of their cardiovascular risk
  • The HONU project in the US, where people at risk of CVD were assigned a health coach to support lifestyle change, and initiatives were set up in workplaces and at community and government level to improve diet and activity levels

Alongside the case studies, the report also makes recommendations for how to implement effective CVD prevention programmes in the UK, and provides background on current CVD prevention programmes in England.

You can access the report now for the full details on these case studies and recommendations.

Download the report [PDF]

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