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BHF Alliance: transforming our future to support you better

We have important news to share with you about some changes to BHF Alliance.

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We proudly established the BHF Alliance in 2014 to support and engage with healthcare professionals to enhance and extend understanding of the cardiovascular landscape and BHF’s role within this.

Since then we have supported and funded members to attend almost 5,000 conferences and professional development opportunities hosted by the leading bodies in our sector.

Due to the huge success of our programme, we have experienced an unprecedented number of applications for funding this year. As a result, we have taken the decision to freeze any further applications for funding whilst we work through the backlog of applications.

All grant applications started on or after 1 July and completed by 31 August will be processed and you can check the progress of your submission on the BHF Grant Management System or by contacting the BHF Alliance team. Any submission started before 1 July but not completed has now been closed.

We will also be taking this time to consider how we can better support our growing community of healthcare professionals and, while we do this, we will not be accepting any new members into the BHF Alliance programme.

We can, however, offer you access to our Healthcare Professionals newsletter. Sign up today and each month you’ll receive updates including:

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Our new-look website section also offers a wide range of professional resources relevant to your role, whether you’re a primary care nurse, GP, pharmacist or community practitioner.

You can also earn CPD points via our accredited publications, learn about the many ways we can support your patients and access data and statistics on cardiovascular disease in your area.

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