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BHF Alliance Terms and Conditions

Applicants to the BHF Alliance programme must have agreed to the Terms and Conditions of the Alliance Membership.

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These are:

  1. Members should complete an annual membership renewal form in which you will be asked if you would like to remain a member of the Alliance (every 12 months from your Alliance start date).
  2. Members should inform the BHF of any changes to their role or contact details.
  3. By wearing BHF clothing you are representing the charity and the BHF Alliance and we would therefore ask you to act in accordance with our values. This means we ask you not to smoke, drink alcohol or act in an irresponsible way when identifiable as a BHF Alliance member.
  4. Alliance business cards and name badges are not transferable. 
  5. Further terms and conditions may apply should you receive funding from the BHF for educational activities. 
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