Cross Party Group Inquiry into High Blood Pressure in Scotland

A doctor straps a blood pressure monitor onto a man The Cross Party Group (CPG) on Heart Disease and Stroke in the Scottish Parliament held an Inquiry into high blood pressure in Scotland. The Inquiry launched in May 2018 and gathered information from people with a clinical or organisational interest and from people living with high blood pressure.

The Report - Beating High Blood Pressure: Scotland’s Silent Killer

All of the information gathered throughout the inquiry was used to compile the Beating High Blood Pressure: Scotland’s Silent Killer report.

This report was formally launched on Tuesday 22nd January 2019 and a celebration event was held in the Scottish Parliament that evening to thank those who had contributed to the inquiry. 

BHF Scotland will now be seeking to work collaboratively with the Scottish Government and other partners to implement the recommendations of the report.

What is high blood pressure?

High blood pressure (which might also be referred to as hypertension) is when a person’s blood pressure is consistently higher than 140/90mmHg. This can increase a person’s risk of heart attack or stroke.

What did the Inquiry cover? 

The CPG is made up of a group of MSPs, clinicians, policy staff and people with experience of heart disease or stroke. The Inquiry itself looked into the prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment and care of people in Scotland living with high blood pressure. Initial information was gathered through a consultation survey. This was followed by four roundtable discussions in the Scottish Parliament to discuss the emergent issues in more depth.

A wide range of people and organisations took part in the Inquiry – including patients, clinicians and third sector organisations. We were very grateful to everyone who shared their knowledge and expertise, particularly those who shared their experiences of living with high blood pressure.

The inquiry was guided by an advisory panel made up of clinicians, academics and patient representatives (those involved in the advisory panel submitted their Declaration of Interest).

How were patients and carers involved?

The consultation survey for the inquiry received 79 responses from people living with high blood pressure or their families. A number of these respondents were invited to discuss the emergent issues at a roundtable event in the Scottish Parliament. The issues highlighted by people living with high blood pressure helped to guide the inquiry’s findings and recommendations.