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Organ donation

Each year in the UK over one thousand people die in need of an organ – that’s an average of three people each day. One reason for this is that only around a third of people in the UK are signed up to the Organ Donor Register. 

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A heart transplant is the only effective treatment available for people with severe heart failure, when the condition cannot be treated effectively with medication. Up to 200 heart transplants are carried out in the UK every year. But many more could benefit if more donations were available.

Changing to an 'opt out' system

We want to see a change in the law to an opt-out system, meaning that everyone would automatically be an organ donor unless they opt-out.

We feel that this would better reflect public opinion: we know that 90% of people say they support organ donation, just 33% are on the NHS Organ Donor Register.

This change would encourage people to talk to their families about their wishes and increase public support for organ donation.

Wales taking the lead

The Welsh government will introduce an opt-out system on the 1 December 2015. This means that everyone, who has lived in Wales longer than 12months, will be considered to want to donate their organs unless they state otherwise, or are deemed to not have mental capacity to make an informed choice. Families still play an important role during the decision-making process.

This is a huge win and follows a long campaign in Wales. We are now calling on the rest of the UK to follow Wales’ example and introduce a system that will increase the number of donor organs available across the UK and help save lives.

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