Atrial fibrillation

BHF nurse taking pulse

Atrial Fibrillation (AF) is the most common type of irregular heart rhythm. Although it can greatly increase our risk of stroke, many people are unaware they have it. Regular checks are essential in making sure that people receive the treatment they need.

It’s not always obvious if you have AF. But the good news is that finding out is simple. Just check your pulse and visit your GP if you think your heart rhythm is unusual. Doing this is really important because AF is a major cause of stroke.

People living with atrial fibrillation should be diagnosed as early as possible, and start receiving the treatment and care they need:

  • Healthcare professionals should check their patient's pulse at the earliest opportunity if that person may be at risk
  • Pulse checks should be carried out in flu clinics and in NHS health check programmes
  • GPs should be given rewards for identifying people with AF and treating them effectively

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