Listen Engage Influence

How we'll listen, engage and influence

The voice and experiences of those fighting the daily battles of cardiovascular disease – amplified by our influence and expertise – can change lives.

Our aims

We'll build on your insights to campaign for public policies in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Our fight for every heartbeat is made even more powerful by working with and growing our BHF 'connected community'.

Our priorities

  • Everything we do will be informed by the needs and views of patients and key stakeholders. 
  • We will use the strength of the insights from patients and key stakeholders to influence decision makers. 
  • We will actively engage heart patients, supporters and volunteers, health and research professionals, staff and our partners to inform and shape our work. 

Trevor Fernandes, heart patientTrevor Fernandes

"Working as a BHF Campaigner, I've been able to get my voice heard by politicians and the health service on the issues that matter to me, and to thousands of others affected by cardiovascular disease."

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