A hidden killer

a parent and child who are affected by inherited heart conditions

Kelley and her son Jayson live with long QT syndrome, an inherited heart condition.

Right now, it’s estimated that there are 620,000 people in the UK carrying a faulty gene that could kill them. A gene that puts you at high risk of premature coronary heart disease and sudden cardiac arrest.

Inherited heart conditions do not discriminate: they are passed down in families through your genes.

For far too many families, the first sign of a problem is when someone dies suddenly, causing shock and heartbreak for their loved ones.


Diagnosing people before it’s too late

New figures show that one in six people with a deadly inherited heart condition are only diagnosed after having a cardiac arrest, whilst a fifth of people are only diagnosed after a sudden death in the family.
Clearly, there is an urgent need for better diagnosis of inherited heart conditions, so that people can be diagnosed and treated before a tragedy or life-threatening cardiac arrest.

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Hunting for deadly genes

We now know about many of the faulty genes which cause inherited heart conditions, thanks to research we have funded.

Read about the disease-causing genes that have been uncovered by decades of painstaking research.

British Heart Foundation support

Call our Genetic Information Service on 0300 456 8383 if you or a member of your family has been diagnosed with or has died from a suspected inherited heart condition.