Cardiovascular Disease Statistics 2014

Our 2014 statistics compendium (formerly titled Coronary Heart Disease Statistics) is designed for healthcare professionals, medical researchers and anyone with an interest in heart and circulatory diseases statistics. 

It features exclusive content for disease mortality and morbidity at local, regional and national levels. It also includes healthcare costs, treatments and headline statistics for key risk factors. 

It was produced in collaboration with the British Heart Foundation Centre on Population Approaches for Non‑Communicable Disease Prevention, Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford.

Additional tables and maps are included here for download.


This publication is available to download as a pdf.

Charts and tables from this publication:

Chapter One - Mortality (Excel)

Chapter Two - Morbidity (Excel)

Chapter Three - Treatment (Excel)

Chapter Four - Costs (Excel)

Additional Content

Heart and circulatory diseases - National, Regional & Local Statistics, Rankings, Maps (Excel)

Stroke - National, Regional & Local Statistics, Rankings, Maps (Excel)

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) - National, Regional & Local Statistics, Rankings, Maps (Excel)