Omega-3 may cut chances of dying from a heart attack

29 June 2016        

Category: Survival and support

Grilled mackerel

Researchers from around the world, who have joined together to form the Fatty acids and Outcomes Research Consortium (FORCE), claim that foods with high levels of Omega-3 acids is the secret to surviving a heart attack.

Using 19 studies from 16 countries, and including 45,637 participants, researchers found that foods such as oily fish, nuts and seeds were associated with around a 10 per cent lower risk of fatal heart attacks.

Victoria Taylor, our senior dietitian said:

“Eating oily fish that is high in omega-3 fats like sardines, salmon and mackerel, is recommended as part of a balanced diet to help protect our heart health

“This study reinforces those recommendations and suggests there may also be a heart health benefit to omega-3 fats that come from vegetarian sources, such as flaxseed, rapeseed and soya oils, but more research would be needed to confirm these findings. 

“Although eating a portion of oily fish a week has been recommended as part of a healthy balanced diet for some time, we know that there is still a way to go before people are meeting these recommendations. At the moment we just eat around a third of a portion a week on average.”