Wilmslow Active Hearts

Wilmslow Leisure Centre, Rectory Fields, Wilmslow, SK9 1BU
Call Richard on 0162 553 2528 to find out more

What is the group all about?
Our aim is to offer encouragement and inspiration to members who have had similar experiences. We organise exercise classes, which are a place to exercise, under guidance, to help reduce stress and the risk of future heart problems and maintain a healthier and happier lifestyle. There is of course that all important cool-down period in the cafe; with tea or coffee - a time for a chat. As a group we also organise social activities such as quizzes, walks, visits to local sporting events and our much anticipated Christmas Dinner Dance. A great place to make new friends.

Meeting Times:
We meet every weekday morning, at either 08:45 or 09:15, for various types of exercise.