C.R.E.W. Heart Support Group

Todmorden Sports Centre, Todmorden, Todmorden, West Yorkshire, OL14 7DF
Call John on 0774 975 0874 to find out more

What is the group all about?
CREW heart support Group provide a exercise and walking group sessions to our community: We are open to all who wish to join a Heart Support organisation, membership is free however whilst most of our members are Heart patients or are at risk of future cardiovascular disease the exercise and walking groups reflect this in the sessions which are delivered by qualified instructors at BACR levels of experience. CREW have two types of walking programmes for those who are just beginning; a programme of walking after some form of CV event, plus a weekly walk for those people who are fitter, and need to keep up the physical activity associated with good health. All session are open to Carers/family/friends.

Meeting Times:
We meet once a week at this venue for exercise.

Visit our website at www.crewheartsupport.co.uk for more information.