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Heart and circulatory disease in numbers

We collect the most comprehensive statistics on the effects, prevention, treatment, costs and causes of heart and circulatory diseases in the UK. Using health intelligence, we're now able to display these statistics visually.

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We ensure the highest quality data

Statistics are very important to the BHF. They give our staff, volunteers and supporters a quantitative sense of the scale of heart and circulatory disease’s burden and the challenges we face in the UK.

We use a lot of statistics in our press releases, policy statements, heart health resources and throughout our website, and many of them are from our statistics compendium. This series has appeared under a variety of titles but has been published for several decades, and normally gets updated annually.

We work with a BHF-funded team at the University of Birmingham to compile the most comprehensive UK statistics on heart and circulatory disease in the UK.  

The datasets here are from reputable, official sources, and some are created from new analysis, including comorbidities. This compendium has exclusive content for UK mortality and morbidity for heart and circulatory disease at local, regional and national level and datasets for treatments, costs and risk factors. It also features international data from the respected Global Burden of Disease. Time series are included for some indicators.

The Excel spreadsheets here include tables, charts and graphs for each statistical theme – mortality, morbidity, treatments, costs and risk factors.

The searchable pdf version brings the tables from all five chapters together in one document, along with a glossary of terms which are used in the compendium.


2019 Statistics Compendium (Tables) (pdf)

Chapter One - Mortality (Excel)

Chapter Two - Morbidity (Excel)

Chapter Three - Treatments (Excel)

Chapter Four - Costs (Excel)

Chapter Five - Risk Factors (Excel)

For additional statistics please consult our factsheets. All content is referenced but please contact us with any queries.