A directory of human tissue and biological sample collections

UKCRC Joint Funders Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre Phase I (Joint funding with MRC)

Brian Davidson (lead researcher)

University College London

Start date: 01 January 2015 (Duration 3 years)

The UK Clinical Research Collaboration, or UKCRC, brings together the NHS, research funders, industry, regulatory bodies, patient groups and universities in the UK to promote high quality clinical research that benefits patients. One of the challenges researchers face is the availability of good quality clinical samples for their research. The UKCRC’s vision is to maximise the value of the human tissue samples and resources we have by encouraging researchers to work together to collect and store samples and make them accessible for high quality, ethical research. They want to ensure the samples are linked closely to clinical data, and that researchers are not duplicating their efforts. They also recognise that engaging with the public around tissue donation for research is vital for these initiatives to work. As a member of UKCRC, the BHF has joined other funders, including the Medical Research Council, the Wellcome Trust, Cancer Research UK, the Department of Health, and other agencies across Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, to fund the UK’s Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre. The Centre will be led by Professor Brian Davidson at University College London (UCL), who will work with other researchers and professionals in London and at the University of Nottingham to deliver this project. The Centre will be based at UCL, where it will develop and evaluate a resource directory to enable researchers to search for and access samples they need from different human tissue and biological sample collections, together with any associated clinical data. They will help researchers across the UK ensure they collect high quality samples and data. The centre will actively engage and involve researchers, policy makers and the public to make the initiative a success.

Project details

Grant amount £100,000
Grant type Special Project
Start Date 01 January 2015
Duration 3 years
Reference SP/14/5/31349
Status In progress

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