How lifestyle factors interact to influence the risk of heart disease

Physical activity and Coronary Heart Disease: A contemporary analysis of lifestyle risk factors in a large population-based cohort (Mr Jason Lacombe)

F Lucy Wright (lead researcher)

Oxford, University of

Start date: 01 October 2016 (Duration 3 years)

Supervised by Dr Charles Foster, this PhD student is studying how lifestyle factors interact to influence the chances of developing heart and circulatory disease. Lifestyle factors, including physical activity, diet, smoking and alcohol consumption can influence whether a person will develop heart and circulatory disease. Encouraging people to change their behaviours is extremely important, but to do this effectively, we need to understand how one behaviour affects another, and how they all interact to affect the risk of heart disease. Until now, exploring the complex relationships between these factors has been difficult, and methods have been relatively simplistic. In this project, the student will use new statistical methods and comprehensive health information from 500,000 men and women registered with the UK Biobank. They will work out how different lifestyle choices influence each other and are related to risk factors such as blood pressure and cholesterol and to the development of heart or circulatory diseases. This research will refine methods used to study complex behaviours and their effects on health. The findings could lead to the development of interventions to prevent cardiovascular disease and could ultimately inform government health policy recommendations.

Project details

Grant amount £88,063
Grant type Fellowship
Application type PhD Studentship
Start Date 01 October 2016
Duration 3 years
Reference FS/16/43/32343
Status In progress

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