Studying genes that cause congenital heart disease

Investigation of genetic mechanisms underlying susceptibility to complex congenital and arrhythmic cardiovascular disease (renewal)

Bernard Keavney (lead researcher)

Manchester, University of

Start date: 29 January 2016 (Duration 5 years)

BHF Professor Bernard Keavney studies the genes underlying congenital heart disease.

Professor Keavney has already identified several genes involved in congenital heart disease, when the heart or major blood vessels have not formed properly at birth. We don’t yet understand how these gene changes lead to disease, and they only explain a small number of cases.

In this project, Professor Keavney is examining the genetic material of people with congenital heart disease to discover new genes associated with their heart conditions. He will investigate what these new genes and ones they have already identified do, to find out how they cause disease.

The programme of work will help our understanding of the underlying causes of congenital heart disease and also help doctors offer genetic counselling to adult survivors planning families of their own.

Project details

Grant amount £1,129,185
Grant type Programme Grant
Start Date 29 January 2016
Duration 5 years
Reference RG/15/12/31616
Status In progress

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