Equipping new cutting-edge research facilities at the University of Leeds

Funding towards equipment in a new Centre for Translational Cardiovascular Imaging

Sven Plein (lead researcher)

Leeds, University of

Start date: 13 February 2014 (Duration 18 months)

The British Heart Foundation is contributing £1,893,264 to help the establishment of a new Centre for Translational Cardiovascular Imaging at the University of Leeds. The BHF funding will go towards the purchasing of the equipment needed for the Centre. The university will match this funding for equipment costs. The university is also funding the refurbishment and salary costs for the Centre over 5 years, with the whole initiative receiving nearly £5.5 million of funding for cardiovascular research.

The aim of the Centre is to link different aspects of scientific research (basic science, preclinical and clinical work) to promote rapid translation of important findings into the clinic so that it has swift relevance and applicability to patients in need. The BHF funding is crucial in enabling new and upgraded imaging equipment to benefit the Centre.

Leeds has a reputation as one of the UK’s leading hubs for imaging research (particularly in the cardiovascular field). This area of research moves very quickly and so funding is essential to keep up with the latest worldwide developments. The grant recipient, Professor Sven Plein, is an international expert in MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and conducts a large amount of BHF-funded research in this specialism in Leeds to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients with heart disease.

The funding and overhaul will enable a long-overdue replacement of a 14-year-old MRI scanner that was previously funded by the BHF. This will allow the researchers to do more state-of-the-art studies looking at the heart. These facilities will help attract bright new talent to come and work at Leeds.

Project details

Grant amount £1,893,264
Grant type Strategic Initiative
Start Date 13 February 2014
Duration 18 months
Reference SI/14/1/30718
Status Complete

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