Kidney health and high blood pressure

Examining the role of intra-renal hypoxia in chronic kidney disease

Maarten Koeners (lead researcher)

Exeter, University of

Start date: 01 June 2014 (Duration 4 years + 1 year)

Dr Maarten Koeners has been awarded an Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellowship grant totalling nearly £471,000 over 4 years to take up a research position at the University of Bristol. He will use novel techniques in rats to study chronic kidney disease, in particular the link between oxygen levels in the kidney, nerve activity, blood flow and the development of high blood pressure. This research is important because chronic kidney disease puts patients at risk of subsequently developing heart and circulatory disease. Dr Koeners will also see how the kidney responds when oxygen levels are raised in experiments and whether this can treat kidney disease and high blood pressure. These preliminary findings in animals will provide important clues for the understanding and treatment of kidney-related cardiovascular disease in humans.

Project details

Grant amount £471,409
Grant type Fellowship
Application type Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellowship
Start Date 01 June 2014
Duration 4 years + 1 year
Reference FS/14/2/30630
Status In progress

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