British Regional Heart Study (BRHS): studying the causes and ways to prevent heart and circulatory disease in older men

British Regional Heart Study (BRHS): a long-term prospective investigation of cardiovascular disease (causes, pathways, prediction and prevention) among older British men (renewal).

Sasiwarang Goya Wannamethee (lead researcher)

University College London

Start date: 01 October 2014 (Duration 5 years)

People over 70 are at particular risk of death from coronary heart disease (CHD), yet most research tends to focus on patients and risk factors in middle age. The British Regional Heart Study is one of the few studies that has been collecting information about potential risk factors for heart disease in later life as well as in middle age. Since the 1970s, this study has been following approximately 7735 men from around the UK and obtaining information about their health behaviour, social factors and taking blood samples to measure indicators of disease. Professor Wannamethee will now continue to follow individuals for signs of heart and circulatory disease. Participants will be studied at 40-59 years, 60-79 years and finally at 72-91 years. In the older age-groups in particular, the team will be looking at participants’ physical activity levels to find clues about how this, as well as the natural process of ageing, may affect cardiovascular risk. The team will be looking at what investigations or treatment patients with disease are receiving. Understanding the potential causes of disease in older men will be important in designing healthcare interventions that can help prevent the onset or development of heart and circulatory disease. The team hopes to classify the potential for preventing cardiovascular disease through changes in physical activity. Ultimately, this study may afford a substantial proportion of the population a longer and better quality of life.

Project details

Grant amount £1,016,140
Grant type Programme Grant
Start Date 01 October 2014
Duration 5 years
Reference RG/13/16/30528
Status In progress

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