Support for existing affiliated groups

resource We have a number of resources with helpful hints and ideas for your group.

As well as resources specific for Heart Support Groups you might be interested in seeing the other publications the British Heart Foundation has to offer.

Resources for your group

  • 'Commonly asked questions' provides the answers to some of the most asked questions from support groups.  

  • Support for your group’ is a guide to services and resources that can help you find new ways to help your members. 

  • Getting your message across’ is packed full of ideas to help you bring new people into your group and get you noticed in your local community. 

  • Finding the funding you need’ provides information about what to do and where to look for the financial support for your Heart Support Group.

You may also find these documents useful to refer to when planning activities and running your group:

The BHF has a number of different publications to offer. In particular, you may be interested in :

Heart Support Group Newsletter

This year saw the start of a new Quarterly Newsletter that we created on the recommendations of Heart Support Groups.

If you'd like to receive a copy, email [email protected] with your name and the name of your BHF affiliated group and we'll make sure you get the next issue. All members of your Heart Support Group will be able to receive the newsletter directly from us as long as they have a valid email address.