Yoghurt Glory

Yoghurt Glory

Category: Dessert, Breakfast | Serves: 2

Prep time: 10-15 minutes | Cooking time: None


1 banana

150g (5.5 oz) pot low fat strawberry yoghurt

150g (5.5oz) pot low fat natural yoghurt

15g (0.5oz) hazelnuts, chopped

  1. Peel and slice the banana thinly.
  2. Spoon a little of the natural yoghurt into the bottom of two glasses, then top with some banana.
  3. Spoon a little strawberry yoghurt on top.
  4. Continue with the layers in this way, until all the ingredients are used up, finishing with a layer of natural yoghurt.
  5. Sprinkle the hazelnuts on top. Serve & enjoy!

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Yoghurt Glory