Party bunting template

Party bunting template



  • Publication for: Fundraisers
  • Subject: Events, Fundraising
  • Age group: All, Adults

Jazz up your event with some BHF party bunting. 

How to make your own bunting

What you’ll need

  • Printer (ideally colour)
  • Sheets of white A4 paper
  • Hole punch or stapler
  • String


1. Download and print the party bunting template. Each A4 sheet of paper makes 6 bunting triangles, so print as many as you need.

2. Cut the A4 sheets into bunting triangles.

3. Make two holes in each triangle and thread the string through all of the triangles.


3. Staple the string to the top of each triangle.

4. Tie up your string of bunting. Ta-dahh!

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