Five resolutions your heart will love

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Keeping those New Year’s resolutions may be easier than you think. The key to success is in the planning - just follow these simple steps.

Do you make the same health resolutions every year only for them to gently fade into obscurity soon after the last mince pie?

If so, it’s no surprise. Countless studies show that most New Year’s resolutions don’t see out January. The truth is, many are doomed from the outset because they’re too general, unrealistic (of course you’re not actually going to give up chocolate for good!) or simply not well thought out.

So how do you make them work? Research suggests that your best chance of sticking to a resolution is to break it down into small, specific, achievable steps, as we'll explain on the following pages:

1. Quit smoking

2. Be a savvy drinker

3. Get active

4. Take charge of your health

5. Follow a heart-friendly diet

Watch our video with tips from our experts to make your resolutions more effective.


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