4 delicious heart-healthy Christmas treats

We’ve put our own twist on traditional Christmas recipes to bring you our healthier - but just as tempting and delicious - versions.

Healthy mince pies

Healthy mince pies

Nothing says Christmas, quite like a mince pie, but did you know that those little mince pies can contain over 200 calories each? With our healthy mince pies we’ve managed to reduce the calories and the fat yet keep them just as delicious. These mince pies are still high in sugar, but almost all of it is from the fresh and dried fruit rather than added sugar, which is the kind that is most damaging to your health.

Plus, you can watch a video of our cookery expert Moyra Fraser showing how to make them

Very berry trifle

Very berry trifle 

Everyone loves a traditional trifle at Christmas, don’t they? Usually a trifle is a diet disaster – but not this one. We make our very berry trifle using bread instead of cake - it may sound strange but it works really well – as the bread soaks up the sweet juices of the fruit.

This has helped us to keep the calories, saturated fat, sugar, and salt levels low – so this is a great alternative to high fat, high sugar desserts. And it’s made using frozen berries, so it’s not too costly and can be made whatever the season.

Christmas pudding ice cream

Christmas ice cream 

Our Christmas pudding ice cream is a different take on the traditional Christmas pudding – it’s lower in saturated fat than either ice-cream or a Christmas pudding. It’s easy and quick to make and makes for lighter, refreshing alternative Christmas dessert – and probably more what you fancy after a big meal than a heavy pudding.

Low fat Christmas cake

Christmas cake

Our Christmas cake is delicious and low in saturated fat and salt, and the sugar content all comes from dried and fresh fruit, not added sugar. You can make one large cake or individual cakes so you can monitor your portion sizes and not be tempted to have another slice . The individual cakes are perfect for presents, and the recipe is even gluten-free.

We’ve even got step-by-step pictures to help you make the cake.

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