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National Defibrillator Network

We aspire to make the UK a nation of life savers and we are taking another important step toward this by creating a national network of defibrillators.

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What is the National Defibrillator Network?

The Circuit - the national defibrillator network will link ambulance services with the public in a bid to help save more lives from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA). This was launched in June 2019.

Through a network of defibrillators, those having a cardiac arrest, bystanders and ambulance services will all be better connected. Locating the nearest defibrillator and administering this alongside CPR can double a person’s chance of surviving an OHCA.

We have joined forces with UK ambulance services, the NHS, Microsoft and Microsoft solutions provider, New Signature, on this ground breaking project to save thousands more lives from OHCA. 

Why do we need a network of defibrillators in the UK?

Defibrillators are a critical link in the chain of survival but sadly only about 2% of OHCAs receive bystander defibrillation. There are an estimated tens of thousands of defibrillators across the UK, however, the majority of these are not known to the ambulance services.

Defibrillators that are not registered with the ambulance service break the chain of survival. A defibrillator is most likely to be used in an emergency if it is registered with the Ambulance Service, so it's imperative to register yours with your local service.

For the bystander who steps in to help, knowing where the nearest publicly accessible defibrillator is located can make the difference between life and death. The Circuit will mean ambulance services can easily and quickly direct people to their nearest defibrillator so that more lives can be saved through bystander defibrillation.

At the right place and time, knowing CPR skills and using a defibrillator can be the difference between life or death.

How can I register my defibrillator?

The Circuit was launched in June 2019. Guardians in the West Midlands and Scotland are able to register their defibrillator onto the network through their local ambulance service, with plans to roll this out nationally throughout the rest of the year.

Some ambulance services are currently able to accept direct registrations so if you are looking to register your defibrillator now, please visit the map of ambulance services on the AACE website where there are links to contact your local service.

If you would like to be kept up to date with the work the BHF is doing within CPR and defibrillation, sign up to hear more

For more information on obtaining and using defibrillators take a look at our Guide to Defibrillators we produced in conjunction with the Resuscitation Council UK.

For any questions please email us at [email protected].

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