Running clothing and kit

A group of BHF Heart Runners

With so many products on the market, it can be hard to tell what you’ll actually need for your running challenge. Our checklist will help you select everything you need.


Having the right trainers for running is essential. It is well worth going to a specialist running shop as they have specialist knowledge and can help to select the right shoe for your running style. It's worth spending money to get the right shoe.

Running top

Like trainers it is worth having a ‘technical’ running top that is able to ‘wick’ away sweat and keep you cool and comfortable while running. We have BHF branded technical running tops for men and women on our Online Shop.

Running socks

Although slightly less important, specialist socks are designed to supply cushioning in the right places.

Winter wear

In addition to the kit mentioned above it is important to have gloves a hat and running tights for running in colder weather. A lightweight shower proof jacket is an excellent additional, though not essential purchase. Look for one with zip out sleeves as running for long periods in these jackets can be too warm.

Water bottle

It is really important to stay hydrated at all times. A hand held bottle or a water bottle which clip to your waist will be suitable to take with you on your training runs. Read our nutrition section for more information on how to stay hydrated and buy a BHF Branded Water Bottle from our Online Shop.

Summer wear

Sunglasses, sun cream and a lightweight cap are all essentials for warmer weather.

Watch/Garmin/Heart rate monitor

There are many running watches and heart rate monitors on the market. These tools should only be used as a guide to provide feedback on your performance. However, it’s really important to listen to your body and think about how you feel.