Cycling Clothing and Kit

A man cycling a bike

With so many products on the market, it can be hard to tell what you’ll actually need for your cycling challenge. Our checklist will help you select everything you need.


You’ll need a well-maintained, reliable and safe bike for your challenge. There are so many different types of bike at a range of prices so it’s worth going to a specialist bike shop and getting fitted. They’ll be able to advise on which is the right type of bike for you.


There’s no excuse for not wearing a helmet - they’re lightweight, comfortable to wear and cheap.


It is illegal to cycle in the UK at night without proper bike lights. At the very least you should have:

  • One steady, fixed white light that conforms to BS6102/3 mounted centrally or offside (closer to the middle of the ground) and no higher than 1500mm from the ground. It should be visible from the front and aligned in that direction.
  • One steady, fixed red light that conforms to BS6102/3 or BS3648. This should be mounted centrally or offside at the rear of your bike and should be between 350mm and 1500mm from the ground. It should be visible from the rear and aligned in that direction.
  • Four reflectors, coloured amber that conform to BS6102/2. These should be fitted to each pedal so that one is clearly visible from the front and one is clearly visible from the rear. If you cannot fit reflectors to your pedals, then you can use a reflective trouser clip or band.

Check lighting packaging or the manufacturer's website to see if their bike lights conform to the Department for Transport's regulations.

If you're taking part in one of our Night Rides, we also have information about cycling at night to prepare you.

High Visibility

In addition to lights, we strongly recommend that you wear bright clothing when cycling at night. Preferably something fluorescent and reflective so that you are more visible to motorists like:

  • high visibility vests/jackets
  • high visibility belts
  • high visibility trouser bands and arm strips
  • reflective rucksacks or rucksack cover


The type of shoe you’ll need depends on your bike.  If you have a road bike which has clip in pedals you’ll need bike shoes with cleats that fit into your pedals.

Cycling shirt

We recommend you wear a close fitting shirt to eliminate drag from the wind. Cycling shirts are made from a technical fabric, which will keep you dry by wicking away the sweat from your body and helping it to evaporate.

We sell branded BHF cycling tops in our online shop.

Cycling shorts

The padded seat will help you feel more comfortable on those long rides. These shorts are also made of a technical fabric which will keep you dry by wicking away sweat and helping it to evaporate. 

Water bottles

It’s important to make sure you stay hydrated on the road. Most road bikes will have a holder for two water bottles. We have information about how to keep hydrated in our nutrition section.

Tyre pump

It’s really useful to have a free standing hand pump which allows you to fully inflate your tyres easily.  If you’re training or going on relatively long rides, (two hours plus) it’s worth having a lightweight pump with you.

Spare tubes

Carry spare inner tubes on longer rides in case you get a puncture. 


It’s always useful to wear glasses to protect against wind and debris.  Sunglasses, clear glasses or ones with inter-changeable lenses are ideal.


A quick smear of Vaseline in the right places will help to avoid chafing – essential for long rides.

Chain lube

Although you won’t need to take this on rides, it’s an essential bit of kit as it helps to keep your chain lubricated to so that your gears transition smoothly. 


These are like eight spanners in one with fold out Allen key type tools which fit nearly every bolt on the bike. They are really useful if you want to change your riding position.


Cycling gloves tend to be fingerless with slight padding on the palm area, which help protect your hands from blisters and soreness.

Arm warmers

Most cycling tops are short sleeved and so arm warmers will help keep you warm without changing your wardrobe! Just pull on to each arm to help keep them warm.

Bike computer

Whilst not essential, these gadgets can tell you all sorts of information about your performance including speed, distance, cadence (pedal revolutions) and calories burned.