Cycling at night

A man on a bike in high visability jacket cycling at night

Cycling at night is different to cycling in the day, so we have compiled a list of top five tips with some help from our friends at British Cycling. 

Light the way

By UK law you are required to have steady front and rear lights when cycling at night.

What the law says:

The Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations (last amended in 2009) states the following requirements:

Front: A white lamp positioned centrally of offside up to 150cm above the ground. If the lamp is capable of emitting a steady (i.e. non-flashing) beam it must conform to BS6102/3 or equivalent EC standard. If it is a flashing-only unit, then it must produce at least 4 candela.

Rear: A red lamp positioned centrally or offside, between 35 and 150cm above ground and visible from behind. Like the front lamp, if it’s capable of emitting a steady beam, it must be compliant with BS3648 or BS6102/3 or EC equivalent (this will be clearly marked on the packaging). If your light can only emit a flashing beam it must produce at least 4 candela.

Rear reflector: You must have a red BS6102/2 approved rear reflector visible from the rear of the bike.

Pedal reflectors: Four are required, amber in colour, attached to the front and rear of each pedal so that they are visible from the front and rear. They must be marked to BS6102/2 or equivalent. If you cannot fit reflectors to your pedals, then use a reflective trouser clip or band. 

Glow in the dark

It’s a good idea to wear reflective clothing so that you are more visible to motorists. There are lots of products to choose:

  • high visibility vests/jackets
  • high visibility belts
  • high visibility trouser bands and arm strips
  • reflective rucksacks or rucksack cover

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It’s all about the padding

As well as cycling in the dark, there are bumpy roads and the colder temperatures to contend with so remember to layer up. Padded shorts are recommended if you are cycling over long distances.

Food glorious food

A popular topic of discussion about cycling through the night is always food. Our experts have written some great tips on nutrition and hydration.

Get involved

If you'd like to take on a moonlit adventure, then you can join us on our Manchester to Blackpool ride, or try our legendary London to Brighton ride in the dark.