Training Rides

Young female cyclist in high visibility gear waiving at the camera at the London to Brighton bike ride

We have teamed up with cycling club Dirty Wknd to offer London to Brighton Bike Ride 2018 participants the chance to join a training ride before the big day.

We know taking part in the London to Brighton Bike Ride is a daunting task. 54 miles is no small feat and we're chuffed to have you on board.


To help with your training, we've enlisted the support of the cycling club Dirty Wknd*, who have put together some training rides for you. Join their training rides on 14 April and 13 May. Catering to different abilities with varying distances, they'll help you get Bike Ride ready in no time.


With only 100 spaces be sure to sign up soon! Remember every training ride you do will bring you one wheel spin closer to the Brighton finish line with your well deserved medal in hand.

14 April

13 May

*Dirty Wknd disclaimer: The British Heart Foundation and its subsidiaries (‘the BHF’) and Dirty Wknd are separate entities and no partnership or joint venture is or has been created between the BHF and Dirty Wknd. Accordingly, in the event that you elect to take advantage of any services offered by Dirty Wknd (‘Dirty Wknd Services), you do so at your own risk and you acknowledge that neither the BHF nor its contractors or agents shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage suffered by you in connection with the Dirty Wknd Services. Irrespective of the above, the BHF recommends that anyone who has any doubt about their health or has a medical condition that could be affected by exercise, particularly a heart condition, should obtain their doctor’s approval before participating in the Dirty Wknd Services.