Our Annual Review and Accounts 2016

We’ve had another incredible year; our work to beat heart disease has been taken forward with determination, energy and skill by everyone across the organisation.

Our Annual Report and Accounts celebrates our achievements over the last financial year and some of the personal stories of people affected by heart disease. 

We aim to ensure that at least 70p of every £1 raised will be available to spend on our life saving work, and the balance is invested to grow our income. This year 77p in every £1 raised was available to spend on charitable activities; the remaining 23p was invested to generate our income.

Graphic demonstrating donations versus spending in 2015/6 


Last year we were able to invest an incredible £102.7m in life saving medical research and have continued to deliver significant breakthroughs that will help change the lives of millions of people across the UK and globally. In October we launched our new Research Strategy, setting out the areas where we can have the most impact. Our ambition is matched by a commitment to invest £500m in life saving research over the next five years


Our generous supporters have helped us raised an incredible £156.6m towards our life saving work. This includes £67m left to us in legacies, and £54.3m raised by our generous supporters through community fundraising activities, corporate partnerships, events, major gifts and mass participation events.


Our 735 BHF shops across the UK generated £29.1 million in profit by collecting, sorting and selling around 66,000 tons of goods over the last year. Around 60 million people visited our shops last year resulting in around 19 million sales, and over 160,000 items were sold on our online Ebay shop.

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