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Workplace CPR training

Support our mission of creating a Nation of Livesavers, by giving your team the opportunity to learn life saving CPR skills.

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Nation of life savers 

Across the UK, there are over 30,000 cardiac arrests outside of hospital every year, but the survival rate is less than 1 in 10. We’re on a mission to increase survival rates by creating a Nation of life savers! 

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, commonly known as CPR, is a lifesaving procedure that is given to someone who is in cardiac arrest. If more people had these life saving CPR skills, thousands of mums, dad, grandparents and children could be saved. Providing CPR training for your team could help beat heartbreak forever.

Our training is delivered using our Call-Push-Rescue watch and learn video, making it consistent and easy to learn. Choose one of our training options below, and have your team join our life saving mission.

Team training

If you’d like us to deliver training in your workplace, we can send a team of British Heart Foundation CPR facilitators to run training days and teach CPR skills to your team. This training includes:

  • Video-based Call-Push-Rescue training sessions delivered by BHF facilitators
  • A short defibrillator awareness module
  • All equipment needed for the training sessions
  • Support with planning and promoting your training sessions.

Prices for a Workplace CPR training day start at £1095+VAT to train up to 90 people. If you’d like to train more of your team in one day, we can provide more facilitators at additional cost.

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DIY training

Buy your own Call Push Rescue training kit and use our watch and learn video to run your own CPR training sessions. The kit is easy to use, and the video gives your team all the information they need to become confident in performing CPR, and increase awareness of how to use a defibrillator. 

We recommend you recruit some CPR champions within your team, to run video-training sessions for the rest of your team. Here’s how you can get started:

  • Buy your CPR training kit - each kit can train up to 10 people at a time and is reusable
  • Identify your group of CPR champions
  • Use our training guide and CPR training video to teach your champions how to perform CPR and how to run the video-training sessions.
  • Plan and promote your CPR training sessions using our workplace training resources
  • Deliver the CPR training to your team and create a workforce of lifesavers.

Each CPR kit costs £391+VAT and gives you everything you need to train your team in performing CPR to adults and children, using the recovery position, and defibrillator awareness. 

Champion training

If you’d like support rolling out DIY training, we can provide a BHF CPR trainer to attend your workplace and help train your CPR champions. Once you’ve bought your CPR training kit, we’ll run a training session for your champions, empowering them to go on to deliver the training to the rest of your team. The Champion training includes:

  • A CPR training session for your CPR champions
  • Guidance on how to set up and run training sessions
  • Online learning content and a CPR quiz for your champions
  • Q&A session with the BHF CPR trainer

A Champion training day starts at £1095+ VAT. Each day lasts 6 hours, and our CPR facilitator can train up to 40 people per day. If you’d like to train more than 40 champions, we can provide more facilitators at an additional cost. 

Please note, this price covers the trainer only, and doesn’t include the CPR kit or any other equipment - which should be purchased in advance of the training taking place.

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