Physical Activity Statistics 2012

Physical Activity Statistics 2012

This supplement to Coronary Heart Disease Statistics is the first to focus solely on physical activity, providing statistics on the levels, types and reasons for physical activity in the UK.

Format: Book, 128 pages
Language: English

Extended description: This publication is divided into seven chapters. The different chapters explore the proportions of people meeting recommendations, the amount of time spent doing activity, European comparisons, the types of physical activity people in the UK do, active travel, factors influencing activity and sedentary behaviour. Both self-report and objectively measured statistics are presented.

Resource Code: M130

Date Published: 29/06/2012

Publications for: Schools and Childrens Groups, General, Health Professionals, Teachers and Teacher Aids, General public, Schools and Children’s Groups
Subject: Research, Statistics, Physical Activity
Age Group: All
For School: Physical Activity

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