With research there is hope

Hugh Watkins and Owen

For more than 50 years we’ve helped to fund some of the biggest breakthroughs in heart science, from the development of pacemakers to discovery of genes that cause inherited heart conditions.

How our research saved Owen

Owen was a fit, sports-loving schoolboy. But one day as he walked home from school, his heart stopped beating, and he collapsed on the road. The research of BHF-funded Professor Hugh Watkins has since helped save lives in Owen’s family. 

Discover how our research saved Owen

Research is winning

Everyone in this video is a survivor of heart disease, a fundraiser or a researcher who has helped us in our fight.

However, the fight is not over yet.

In the UK, 12 people under 35 die of an undiagnosed heart condition every week and around 155,000 people still die of cardiovascular disease each year. In many cases, their deaths are sudden and unexpected, leaving family and friends devastated.

We need to keep funding more research to beat heart disease for good. Our research strategy for the next five years is to fund over £100 million worth of science each year, including funding more clinical trials and developing greater collaboration between scientists.

We want to continue to fund research into all forms of heart disease, whether common or rare, and fund researchers at all stages in their careers.

Please support our research so we can help keep more hearts beating.