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Keeping families together

Jayne with daughter, Emma

There was something wrong with Emma’s heart that nobody was aware of.

Emma’s mum, Jayne, recalls, “To look at her you would never know there was anything wrong. She had never been ill.”

13-year-old Emma died suddenly at a friend’s house, leaving her mum absolutely distraught. It was later revealed that Emma had been born with a problem with one of the valves in her heart, which nobody knew about.

A congenital heart condition, like this, is a heart defect that develops in the womb, before a baby is born.  


But with research there is hope

 Infographics about deaths from congenital heart disease before the BHF and now


With your help we can keep funding scientists across the UK, like Professor Deborah Henderson who is looking into how and why some babies are born with valve problems like Emma’s.

No parent should have to go through the pain of losing their child. Please help us stop other families from going through this heartbreak.