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Catching the hidden killer

Danny kicking a ball

You think you might lose a rugby game, but not your teammate.

Danny was Scott’s best friend and teammate. He never thought that his fit and active friend would collapse and die in the middle of the game that day. Nobody knew that Danny carried a faulty gene in his heart which would suddenly stop it from beating.

When Danny passed away, he also left behind his wife, Lizzie, and their two babies. 

 Danny and his wife, Lizzie, holding the twins


With an inherited heart condition, like Danny’s, there’s a 50:50 chance that each of his children might have it too.

Our research provides hope for Lizzie's family

Thanks to research into faulty genes, we now have the tools to find people with these potentially deadly conditions.

This means that people at risk of inherited heart conditions, like Danny’s children, can receive a life saving diagnosis and treatment.

Please help us save more lives before it’s too late.