I would like to give

Lives lost in an instant

As Jayne and Scott have experienced, you can’t prepare for when heart disease might strike. It can affect anyone at any time. But our research offers hope for the future.

3,000 lives are lost every week in the UK to heart and circulatory disease, meaning hundreds of families are torn apart by it each day.

Jayne never expected these to be her last words to her 13-year-old daughter, Emma.



Scott had no idea that his teammate, Danny, would die in the middle of a rugby match.



Research is giving people hope

BHF-funded research has already helped to discover many of the faulty genes that cause inherited heart conditions, allowing life saving diagnosis and treatment. 

But there’s still more we need to do to fight heart disease for good and stop people, like Emma and Danny, from dying. We can only do this with your help.