John Deanfield

Professor John Deanfield John Deanfield is the BHF Vandervell Professor of Cardiology at University College London.

Professor Deanfield is interested in the early changes to our blood vessels that may predict later disease in our arteries. Finding ways of treating these early changes might prevent development of problems.

Understanding your heart age can be a real wake up call for people who might be at risk. It can be that all important nudge to take action and make lifestyle changes to improve your heart health.

BHF Professor John Deanfield
Institute of Child Health

Heart Age Tool

Professor Deanfield was a key advisor in the development of the Heart Age Tool - a collaboration between the BHF and Public Health England - which allows people to find out the true age of their heart in just a few clicks.

Find out your heart age.

New techniques

As part of their ongoing studies, Professor Deanfield's team have also developed a simple non-invasive technique called 'flow-mediated dilatation'. The technique can give an indication of the health of blood vessels. It is now a crucial tool for assessing the effects of environmental factors and drugs on our circulatory system.

Genes and environment in young people

Professor Deanfield is leading a study of the heart and circulatory health of more than 8,000 children. The study will analyse links between health, DNA and lifestyle factors, measuring the health of children's arteries every year starting at the age of 10.

The study is the largest of its kind and will help us to reduce the burden of heart disease for future generations.

Stem cells

Professor Deanfield is studying how stem cells from bone marrow are involved in the development of blood vessels in children. These cells may show us a way to help protect ourselves against the development of heart and circulatory disease in the future.

Further information

Read more about Professor Deanfield's earlier research that has improved care for people with congenital heart disease.