Sharing research


As the largest independent funder of cardiovascular research in the UK, it's vital that we share the results of our life saving work.

Sharing results is important to help other researchers conduct future work based on those findings and to ensure transparency in the findings  of studies involving patients, such as clinical trials.

We have funded ground-breaking studies, such as the Heart Protection Study, where large numbers of patients have taken part to help further our knowledge of heart disease. It's important that the public has confidence in the work we fund, which is why transparency in the work we fund and publication of the results is essential.

Open access

Every researcher that we fund must, as a condition of their award, deposit an electronic copy of each primary research paper funded by us into the freely accessible online resource Europe PubMed Central within 6 months of publication.

This also applies to work we part-fund and helps to ensure that the findings from the research we fund is made freely available to all.

Clinical trials

The clinical trials we fund that test medicines are registered within the EU's EudraCT clinical trials database. Trials that we fund ideally publish their results within a year of completion, and it is important that the results are published in a format that is of use to researchers.

We are pleased to support the AllTrials initiative aimed at increasing transparency in clinical trials.

For further information, please contact us at [email protected].