Working with companies

Two people holding discussions in an office

We have a range of partnerships with companies. We rely on donations to fund our work and these partnerships are vital to helping us tackle heart disease. But we always assess our financial relationships in line with our mission.

We don’t currently have any funding partnerships with individual pharmaceutical companies or medical device companies. It is important that people can come to us as an independent source of advice about heart health and relationships with such companies could give the impression that we are biased.

However, we do jointly fund research and scientific meetings with pharmaceutical companies where this furthers our mission. We would consider forming a partnership with a group of companies if such an opportunity became available in the future.

We don’t campaign alongside individual pharmaceutical companies or medical device companies. We champion the views of heart patients in our campaigning work and we show that we are an independent voice.

We don’t have any relationships with tobacco companies as their activities act in opposition to the fight against heart disease. We also make sure that our investments don’t mean we are supporting the tobacco industry.

For further information download our policy statements on pharmaceutical companies and tobacco companies.