Shayne Ward supports Dechox

One of our fundraisers included Coronation Street star, Shayne Ward, who challenged the nation to join him in giving up chocolate to help raise £1million for life saving heart research.

After last year’s high popularity and success, the pressure was on for this year Dechox it to be even bigger. During March many of you tested your willpower by giving up chocolate for a whole month and yes this included Easter!

As a self-confessed chocoholic, Shayne admirably rose to the challenge and took part in our cheeky chocolate-themed photo-shoot, which involved him being smothered in melted chocolate whilst eating chocolate! It was a great atmosphere on the shoot even if we did all feel a bit sick at the end of the day! 

20,000 DECHOX champions joined Shayne to help us raise money so we can fund even more research to support those fighting a daily battle with heart and circulatory disease.