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Heart attack risk in younger women

13 December 2013

New research reminds us that heart disease can affect anyone.

I thought everything was going to stop

12 December 2013

Gemma speaks to the stars of ITV2's Big Reunion about living with her heart condition.

Newcastle Stampede raises an incredible £70,000

12 December 2013

This years Newcastle Stampede raises an incredible amount and features some special guests

Inherited conditions are like a ticking time bomb in your family

11 December 2013

David Collings speaks to Daybreak about discovering he has familial hypercholesterolaemia.

Benefits of quitting smoking undoubtedly outweigh any risks

9 December 2013

Medicines to help you give up smoking will not endanger your heart, researchers have concluded.

Text Santa is here

6 December 2013

We have been celebrating the launch of Text Santa.

Schools full of smokers starting each day

5 December 2013

Shocking figures show 600 children start smoking in the UK every day.

Heart Matters: simply the best

2 December 2013

Our heart healthy magazine Heart Matters has received a top award.

650,000 workers phone in sick every week

2 December 2013

Our research reveals the true extent of sick leave amongst UK workers, but it doesn't have to be like this.

Brits will spend £147 million on secret Santa gifts this year

2 December 2013

Brits are set to spend £147 million on secret Santa gifts this year, what will you buy?