MPs vote in favour of an opt-out organ donation system in England

23 February 2018        

Category: BHF Comment

Today a potentially lifesaving Bill in favour of an ‘opt out’ system in England moved a step closer to becoming law – meaning everyone would be registered as an organ donor, unless they state otherwise.


The Bill, presented by labour MP Geoffrey Robinson, was met with overwhelming support from MP’s and will now pass to the committee stage. The Government is also currently consulting on how an opt-out system could work in practice, what safeguards would be necessary, and how families could be supported.

Commenting on the news, John Maingay, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at the British Heart Foundation said: “Today’s result is good news for the thousands of people on the organs waiting list, their friends and relatives, as well as for the majority of the public who support the change in this law.

“It was clear to see the strength of feeling in Parliament today and we believe this move towards a presumed consent system will better reflect the views of the majority of people and give hope to those who urgently need an organ. 

“There is a desperate shortage of organs in the UK and the BHF is keen to work with the Government to help deliver a presumed consent system which, as part of a range of measures, will help save lives.”

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