IT issue affecting statins prescription in England

12 May 2016        

Category: Survival and support

A picture of statins being taken out of the packet

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has launched an investigation after it was discovered a computer system used by many GPs in England may have been incorrectly prescribed or denied statins to patients.

The discovery, reported in national media today, identified a problem with a digital calculator used by GPs to assess heart risk and inform their decision about whether to prescribe statins to a patient or not.

The issue with the digital calculator means that some patient risk of heart attack could have been over or understated.

What have the MHRA said?

A MHRA spokesperson has said the following:

“An investigation has been launched into a digital calculator used by some GPs to assess the potential risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in patients.

“We are working closely with the company responsible for the software to establish the problem and address any issues identified.

“Clinical advice is that the risk to patients is low and only a limited number of patients are potentially affected. GPs have been informed and they will contact individual patients should any further action be necessary.”

Our Advice

We advise anyone who is worried about their statins prescription or CVD risk in light of this news to make an appointment to see their GP and flag this with them.

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