Scottish Government consults on organ donation law changes

9 February 2016        

We've welcomed the Scottish Government’s decision to take forward a consultation on ways to increase organ donation and transplantation.

James Cant, Director at BHF Scotland, said: “I’m delighted the Scottish Government has chosen to keep the prospect of a life saving, soft opt-out donor system alive.

“Yes, it’s disappointing that Anne McTaggart’s Member’s Bill was defeated today but she deserves huge credit. With BHF Scotland’s backing, she has led the debate over organ transplantation for the past two years and kept it in the public eye.

“Thanks to her determination, the Scottish Government has been persuaded by the arguments and now recognises that soft opt-out is a life-saving option that needs to be considered.

“BHF Scotland will continue to press for soft opt-out and we look forward to contributing to the consultation and its outcome.”

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