Nearly a third forget to say goodbye to loved ones

10 August 2016        

Category: Survival and support

Three-fifths of people don’t tell their partners they love them before leaving the house each morning and nearly a quarter of us don’t usually kiss our loved ones goodbye.

Our poll highlights the sudden devastation of heart disease and how our life saving research is bringing hope to the 7million people living with these conditions.

Excuses for dashing out of the house without a goodbye included not having time and nearly a third admitted they simply forgot.  

Sudden devastation

Heart disease is heartless and can strike anyone, at any time. It tears families apart without warning, leaving them no time to say goodbye to their loved ones. Research is the answer to this devastation and we’re urging the public to invest in its life saving heart research.

Simon Gillespie, Chief Executive of the British Heart Foundation, adds: “Heart disease can suddenly affect anyone at any time and has a huge emotional impact on those left behind.

“We have committed to funding half a billion pounds of research over the next five years into these conditions. It is only thanks to the public’s generosity that we’re able to continue our fight against heart disease, but we urgently need more support to accelerate this research to keep more families together.” 

More research is urgently needed if we’re to end the sudden devastation caused by heart disease.  

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