Britons' wardrobes filled with clothes that don't fit or have never been worn

1 September 2015        

A messy wardrobe

BHF shops urge people to donate their unwanted stuff to Bag It. Beat It.

The average Brit holds on to at least 3 items of clothing that have never been worn and 6 items that no longer fit according to a new survey released by our shops to launch our Bag It. Beat It. stock donation campaign this September. 

The survey delves into Britain’s bulging wardrobe secrets, highlighting that one in ten people even admit to hanging on to more than 16 items of clothing that no longer fit. 

De-cluttering tips from fashion blogger

BHF supporter and fashion blogger, Poppy Dinsey, founder of What I Wore Today, has revealed her top tips to combat those expanding wardrobes.

Poppy said: "A one-in one-out policy may seem a bit extreme when it comes to wardrobe management, but I do try to have a clear-out twice a year to keep on top of things. I try to be completely honest with myself and if I haven't worn something in 12 months, it goes straight in the donation bag!"

Turn unwanted stuff into life saving research

Diane Locke, Deputy Retail Director at the BHF, said: “We all have items that we can’t bear to part with, but this survey reveals that many Brits are long overdue a clear out. 

"By simply donating one item that you’ve never worn or that doesn’t fit to your local BHF shop you’ll be making your wardrobe more manageable and helping the BHF fund life saving heart research."

Clear out your clutter and donate to our Bag It. Beat It. campaign this September. Order your bags, or pop into your local shop

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