Our charitable spend

1 October 2015        

In the financial year 2014/15 income for the BHF was £147.3 million including retail profit. This was entirely due to the efforts of our many supporters, as we receive no government funding for our research. With fundraising and governance costs of £32.7 million, nearly 78% was available for charitable purposes to be spent on the fight against heart disease. We are always conscious of the need to spend wisely every penny of the money our supporters raise.

We are the UK’s largest funder of heart research and we spent £113.7 million on charitable expenditure to fight heart disease last year. We funded £81.8 million of ground-breaking research and also supported a range of other life saving programmes to prevent heart disease, reduce deaths from cardiac arrests and support heart patients. 

Our total expenditure for this year was £287.3 million of which £140.9 million was directly attributable to our retail activities, which are by far the largest and most profitable of any charity in the UK with over 700 stores across the UK. In 2014/2015 our shops generated profits of £29.3 million. In addition to raising this significant sum for research, our shops are a valuable way of promoting all aspects of the BHF in local communities