BHF back report calling for stricter measures to tackle childhood obesity

22 October 2015        

Sugar 'Sugar Reduction: The evidence for action' was compiled by Public Health England (PHE) has set out eight recommendations which aim to reduce childhood obesity and curb this growing crisis which costs the NHS over £5 billion a year.  

The measures include the imposition of a “sugar tax”, cracking down on the marketing of unhealthy products to children and two-for-one deals in supermarkets – all areas of policy the BHF continue to tirelessly campaign for.  

Mike Hobday, Director of Policy at the British Heart Foundation, said: “We are very pleased that the Government has published this thorough evidence review and recommendations. Access to research evidence is critical to an informed public debate.  

“The evidence is clear that no one measure is enough to address the severity of the problem, so we need the Government to introduce a robust childhood obesity strategy that is informed by this report.

“For example, the existing lack of action to prevent marketers targeting our children with junk food products places at risk the health of the next generation, and this mustn’t continue.” 

Find out more about the BHFs campaign to stop junk food marketing to children here