More than one in three smokers putting loved ones at risk

11 March 2015        

cigarettes in an ashtray

More than a third of smokers (37%) regularly light-up in the home exposing their loved ones to the dangers of passive smoking, according to our new survey of people who have loved ones that smoke.

We've released the statistics on this year’s No Smoking Day and are urging smokers to put their families first by attempting to quit, starting today.

The survey also found that, despite the health risks of passive smoking, the majority of people are more worried about the health of the smoker (61%) than the effect of passive smoking on their own health (32%). This concern has led to more than half (54%) of loved ones pleading with the smoker in their lives to quit.

What's even more surprising, is that more than one in six (18%) are under the misapprehension that opening a window offers them protection from cigarette smoke’s harmful effects.

Exposure to passive smoke can also influence future behaviours – children who are exposed to smoking in their homes are more than three times likely to smoke than those who are brought up in smoke-free environments.

BHF Associate Medical Director, Dr Mike Knapton, commented: “Every week, thousands of children are exposed to passive smoke in enclosed spaces, putting them at greater risk of respiratory infections, asthma, and sudden infant death. Simply opening a window does not protect your children from breathing in harmful chemicals.

Smoking is not healthy for smokers or for the people around them. If you’re a smoker and looking to quit, reach out to your pharmacist or local stop smoking team on No Smoking Day for information and advice. Join the nearly one million smokers in the UK who are expected to quit this No Smoking Day.”

Help to Quit 

An estimated one million smokers will make a quit attempt this No Smoking Day. To receive information and support on stopping smoking visit