Tobacco firms to foot bill for reducing smoking rates, says new report

10 June 2015        

cigarettes in an ashtray

Today a new report titled Smoking Still Kills reveals that over half a million households in England would be lifted out of poverty if adults living in the 1.7 million households that include a smoker and live below the poverty line, quit.

We're are calling on Government to make tobacco companies foot the bill for reducing smoking rates.

We’ve joined forces with 120 local and national organisations, including Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) which published the report, to call for a new comprehensive strategy on tobacco, paid for by placing a levy on the tobacco industry. 

Every year smoking costs the NHS at least £2 billion and a further £10.8 billion in wider costs to society including social care costs of over £1 billion.

We want to see the money raised from the levy pay for evidence-based tobacco control and stop smoking services which could save tens of thousands of lives over the next decade and play a key role in helping to reduce costs to the NHS from preventable ill health.

Simon Gillespie, Chief Executive of British Heart Foundation, said:

"We need a comprehensive new strategy, sustained investment in tobacco control and strong political will to show we are serious about reducing the devastating damage that smoking causes.

By cutting smoking rates further, we can reduce the rate of heart attacks almost immediately, and deliver longer term benefits by reducing cardiovascular conditions that cause so much suffering and cost the country dearly."

People are four times more likely to quit smoking if they use a local stop smoking service.

So if you want to ensure that people have access to the support they need and deserve, back our call to introduce a tobacco levy today